Value Plus Valuwrap Cohesive Bandage

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The Value Plus Valuwrap Cohesive Bandage is a highly conforming, self-adherent bandage that sticks to itself, but not skin or fur. It leaves no sticky residue, and is breathable. It can be torn by hand and does not require any pins, clips, or fasteners. With great elasticity and a range of colours available, this product is used widely in vet clinics. Self-adherent, elastic bandage Highly conforming, sticks to itself but not to skin or fur Used in vet clinics A range of colours available Safety information: Never stretch the bandage while applying, as strangulation of limbs can occur due to the highly elastic nature of this bandage. Pets cannot communicate when bandages are too tight or their limbs are feeling numb. Always unroll desired amount off the roll first, and bandage area loosely. The Valuwrap is so well-conforming that it can be pressed onto itself and tighten after applying.